Tourists visiting the Dominican Republic for health reasons spend up to US$9,000 on average.

From December to May, the Dominican Republic is in high season for the reception of tourists who choose it as a destination to undergo some kind of medical procedure.

In addition to those who stay overnight in the country just for vacation, this type of tourist spends an average of US$7,500, which includes payment for the procedure, as well as lodging, meals and other activities carried out by patients while they are in the destination, according to estimates by the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS).

A comparison with the main Latin American destinations in health tourism, included in the second Study and Diagnosis of Health and Wellness Tourism, places the Dominican Republic as the second nation, after Costa Rica, where international patients spend the most, in a range between US$8,500 and US$9,000 on average.

Source: Diario Libre

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