About me

Born in Romania, my family and I migrated as refugees to New York City in 1983, settling down in the diverse neighborhood of Queens. This multicultural environment exposed me to a rich array of experiences, especially those of Dominican, Puerto Rican, and other Latin American backgrounds. This familiarity proved invaluable during my first trip to the Dominican Republic in 2004, as the music, food, and culture felt reminiscent of my life in NYC.

After leaving a resort to explore Santiago with a childhood friend, I fell in love with the Dominican Republic and have since made it my full-time home in 2017. Over the years, I've owned a bar in Santiago, a restaurant in Sosúa, and now run a successful real estate company. Additionally, I am funding and acting as a spokesperson for a law firm dedicated to assisting expats with legal matters and navigation in their new country.

Having lived and operated businesses in Sosúa, Santiago, Las Terrenas, Punta Cana, and Santo Domingo, I've gained 20 years' worth of experience in just a few years of living here. This unique perspective and wealth of knowledge about Dominican life, especially from an expat's viewpoint, enables me to provide valuable guidance to others who are trying to make their way in this beautiful country.

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