We are Latika Tours, we are a family company with European Origin and management. We are a tour operator focused on high quality tours, non- crowded excursions, private tours and the first ones to introduce the “Tour Leaders” concept in the country.

We offer all kinds of tours, but our main goal is that our customers can enjoy the activities in a different way, traveling at his own pace.

Available in Español, English and Français.

⭐ in Tripadvisor, Viator and Google.

¿What is a Tour Leader?

The Tour Leader will coordinate everything from reservations, timing, general questions about the tour and the country, advice… and also is gonna be the same person assigned to be together with the group from the beginning to the end of the tour. He/she will be together with the group 24/7, giving general guidance and practical support, making everything easier because the contact is gonna be with the same person all the time.

Tour leaders also tend to be essential for managing foreign groups with minors, young people or the elderly. In these special cases, this figure can be hired to ensure the well-being and organization of the group from the arrival of the flight until its return, staying in the hotel or accommodation and taking complete charge of all the management and coordination of the activities and people.

Very famous to have a Tour Leader for: school or graduation trips, bachelor parties, wedding trips or special events, organization trips and trips for seniors.

Overall he/she is responsible for a successful trip operation.


We have different types of boats and catamarans on the coasts of Bayahíbe and Punta Cana, perfect for celebrating events or if you want to share only with your group.

All our private boats have an open bar of drinks, different visits, activities, private round trip transportation and the presence and management of a Tour Leader.

We have no limit or minimum number of people.

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We have a wide range of our own tours and we also have available the most typical day and night activities in the area.

Our tours are focused on the high quality and comfort of our clients, in many activities we have private transportation, but the transportation will always be direct, without picking up from hotels that are not on the route, ensuring that the time invested in the tour is exclusively for the traveler’s satisfaction.


We offer the management of transportation reservations in the Punta Cana and Bayahíbe area internally or to other cities.

We only need to know the place of origin and destination and the number of people to have a budget.

If other activities are also booked, the same person who will be assigned as your tour leader will manage all your transports, activities reservations and advisory.

In short, we offer the most comfortable and exclusive way to travel, where you just have to open your eyes, because there is a lot to see and little to manage.
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Instagram Tour Leaders: Caribeshowpc

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